How do I sign up?

To sign up contact your Performance Foodservice Area Manager – they will be able to sign you up on the Meal Ticket rewards dashboard.

How do I redeem my rewards?

Once you have successfully logged in, click the section labeled “Programs” on the left then select “Braveheart Gold Club”. Once on the Braveheart Gold Club rewards dashboard you will see your reward total and details about your point deposits. To redeem your rewards for a Visa gift card, simply press “Redeem”. It’s as simple as that!

What if I sign up mid-month?

If you sign up mid-month, your fresh Braveheart beef purchases will still count towards a cash back reward, but only from the date of registration to the end of the same month.

What type of purchases qualify for cash back rewards?

Every pound of eligible fresh Braveheart Beef you purchase from Performance Foodservice qualifies for cash back rewards.

What if I purchase both fresh Braveheart ground beef and fresh Braveheart boxed beef?

If you purchase both fresh Braveheart ground beef and fresh Braveheart boxed beef, you fall into one of the levels for each category and will be rewarded accordingly (on one card). You may qualify for different levels for each product type.

How is my level determined?

Your level will be determined by purchase volume at the end of each month. The number of pounds of fresh Braveheart beef purchased each month will determine how many cents back you will receive per pound.

What if I own multiple locations?

For owners with multiple locations, Gold Club Level will be determined by each location’s individual purchases. The rewards across multiple locations can be combined and paid out via one card upon request. To request, contact your Area Manager for a “Merge Account Request Form”, or email BraveheartGoldClub@PFGC.com.

Can I view my rewards progress throughout the month?

Yes, you can view your reward progression on your Meal Ticket reward’s dashboard.

When will I receive my card?

Your card will be processed within 5 business days of your redemption request on the Meal Ticket reward’s dashboard. Your card will then arrive to your shipping address within 3-10 business days depending on your location.

What if I haven’t received my card?

If you haven’t received your card, please contact us at BraveheartGoldClub@PFGC.com.

What if I need to change my mailing address?

If you need to change your mailing address, please contact us at BraveheartGoldClub@PFGC.com.

Where can I submit customer service questions?

For customer service questions, please contact us at BraveheartGoldClub@PFGC.com.

Where can my card be used?

Your card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

Can my Braveheart at home delivery purchase apply towards Braveheart Gold Club Rewards?

No, any purchases made through shop.braveheartfoods.com can not apply towards Braveheart Gold Club Rewards.

Performance Foodservice reserves the right to terminate this program with 30 days prior notice.